Futurama ft Dethklok. Do you like coffee?

Oh yeah…last day of classes tomorrow, on to the death march that is finals week. Do you like coffee?!?


Mirror mirror on the what?

Time for some reflection. I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that it is going to be 2012 in less than three weeks. This year for me has been crazy busy. I mean crazy…crazy busy.

Year in review: car accident happened [head trauma], boyfriend at the time moved in during my cognitive absence (when did that get there?)…took my parents to see Blue Man Group in Chicago (awesomeness), donated bone marrow to a woman I don’t know via stem cells [had a central line placed] two days later was in the mosh pit at Avalanche Tour (Halestorm, Stone Sour), went to Rock the Ranch, school started, changed jobs, got rid of the boyfriend [hurray freedom!], met some awesome people, saw Five Finger Death Punch at the Rave, dressed like a zombie for halloween [Fx makeup is flippin’ amazing], was taken to see Halestorm, and voila I’m magically here *looks around* no, still here.

This year has been crazy progress on my end. Beginning of the year I had bad head trauma, couldn’t remember words, etc [fun stuff], now I’m back -almost- to baseline. I developed then got  over a severe fear of driving *hurray!* and finally got it through my head to have standards for the geniuses I surround myself with O.o

I laugh more often, tend to think I learn more, and realize that some things aren’t as vital as we seem to make them appear (hanging out with friends and making memories are far more important than the difference between an ‘A’ and an A- on a freaking paper people!)

I’m happy to say if all goes as plans I will be done with Parkside come May. I can definitely do without the theory, ridiculous amount of homework, etc. I still plan to get my RN directly after, but at least nursing isn’t a bunch of theoretical BS. Don’t get me wrong, I love my psychological and sociological theoretical bullsh*t….but enough is enough.

The highlight of my year, has to be all the amazing people I’ve met and the people with whom I’ve reconnected. I love being around others and you’ve made my year one to remember…that and fate, but I think karma has dished out its worse, so I thank my friends for the comedic relief.

On to new horizons

Entry numero uno. This is pretty much a page, a concept in continuation of a previous effort. I used to be into the whole web page making nonsense back in the day- loving the fact that thousands could be reading my words blah, blah, blah. I figured I could always use some sort of medium to spit out the random bits of info I collect throughout the day. Ta-da.